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Ultra Race 100KM 03 Dec, 2021 30 Finished
Long Race 55KM 04 Dec, 2021 41 Finished
Maxi Race Madeira 2021

03 Dec, 2021

Event Details :
Maxi Race Madeira is a Trail Running event to be held on the 4th and 5th of December 2021 in Madeira. This event is organized by Madeira Way in co-organization with Clube Naval do Seixal, and with the support of Porto Moniz Municipality. Maxi Race Madeira will be mostly realized in Porto Moniz, in the Civil Parishes of Seixal. This event will be part of Madeira Trail Week that will take place between the 1st and 8th of December of 2021. Maxi Race is a set of trail running adventure and it is present all over the world – France, China, Ecuador, South Africa, Italy and Portugal now integrates this circuit, with the Maxi Race Madeira. The Maxi Race Madeira consists of four races of trail running with the following distances: The ULTRA distance of 100km with 5890m positive and negative slope. The LONG Trail 55km with 3550m of positive and negative slope. The SHORTEST distance of 25km with 1870m of positive and negative slope. The MINI distance of 15km with 1000m of positive slope and 1420 of negative slope.
Madeira, Portugal
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